The Covenant College Prep Philosophy

Our program is based on the principles of Appropriate Behaviour, Fair Play, Good Sportsmanship, Excellence and Competition.

Our “Commitment To Excellence” directs that we provide a sustained passion for continuous improvement and innovation that propels the athletes in our program into an upward spiral of accomplishments and high performances academically, socially and athletically.

We will play hard night in and night out.  In our gym it will all start with our defense.  We will take pride in our ability to create the majority of our offense from our defense.  Our work on the defensive side of the ball will begin with our individual desire and ability to shut down the opposition,  which in turn will create our stifling team defense.

On the offensive side of the ball we will always be in attack mode.  We will look to score the ball quickly and often.  We will exploit matchups and when needed we will use our innovative plays and sets to outwit our opponents.

The basis of our program is to prepare our young men for the challenges that will face them at the collegiate level.  Keeping that in mind we run every aspect of our progam as such, the athletes in our program will be provided with quality instruction.

Individual instruction, “Skills Only” workouts, team practices and weight training programs will be conducted at the highest levels.

Our athletes will be challenged daily and will improve.

Ian Turnbull, Sr

Executive Director